Friday, April 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend Adventures

Over Valentine's Day Nathan and I went with 15 other couples from our ward for a couples retreat to Aspen Grove up Provo Canyon. We got to stay in cabins, and then listen to a speaker Friday evening along with a great dinner there.  Ever since I went to BYU I have wanted to go to a camp there.  That is over ten years ago, even before I was married did I want to go to a retreat here with my husband.  It finally happened! What a great group of people we got to go with too!


Saturday we had more meetings in the morning then we went as a whole group snowshoeing. 
A few of the girls: Rachel, Natalie, Me, Tandem, and Jaycee

Some boys: Dave, Justin, Nathan, Dusty, and Shane

Saturday was Valentine's Day, and a few boys and girls went to dinner at Sundance, and it was so delish.  Nathan and I came home that night closer than ever, it is always great to get away even for a night! 

Me with a picture at the Sundance resturant...with Robert Redford and a Golden Eagle he's about to release, taken back in the 80's. 

Sunday after church we were able to have dinner with Grandma and Papa, and Grandma went all out.

The beautiful table spread!

The last picture of James with his two front teeth!  Valentine's night his front tooth was so loose, he said "I think I can lose it by tying it to an arrow and shooting it from my crossbow".  Alright let's try it!  And it worked! The second shot took it right out!  What a cute kid, I am so grateful for him.