Friday, April 22, 2016

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!!  How grateful I am to my Father in Heaven for my precious family!
First thing in the morning is we went to church.  The choir sang He is Risen, and they did such a great job, I love my calling as ward choir director.  I love helping to bring peace and the Spirit to meetings through music.
After church we came home and the kids got to see their baskets and then hunt for the dyed eggs that were hidden outside.
Three happy boys with their matching ties! 

 Daddy has one two as well as the new baby:)

Showing off their new rescue bot transformers from their baskets

And onto searching for eggs....

That afternoon Grandma and Papa came for Easter Dinner :)
It was nicer than it has been so we decided to go look around at the new building sites.  That gave me a deja-vu from when they lived here a few years ago!