Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy 60th Birthday Papa!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Papa!!  He turned 60 and Grandma has been planning and saving for a surprise party for a long time, and everyone came!  They had gone out to eat and everyone surprised them at the resturat as they were paying the check.  Nathan had gone ahead and paid the bill, so that was the first surprise, then we all came from behind and surprised him!  He thought they were going away for the weekend and little did he know that all of his posterity would be at his house instead! We then went home for cake and ice cream.

I had talked to Grandma and she made gender reveal cupcakes for our baby for everyone to bite into at the same time!  How fun for all the cousins to find out together.  I already knew, I couldn't find out this way.  We had told our boys the day before, but they kept the secret.  

And it was.... a boy!  Boy number four in our home!  He'll be the fourth son(J) of the fourth son(Nathan) of the fourth son (Alan). That's pretty cool!

 Friday we went to Temple Square to have our pictures taken and have a fancy dinner with everyone at the Garden Resturant.  More on that in the next post.

Saturday we played around...

...then we walked to the park...
Jonathan and Papa walking

Kaylee and Jonathan going down the slide.

Jack and Papa, Jack is up on a high bar. 

All the cousins playing a game together at the park.

Kaylee was so good playing with Jonathan so much.

Then we came home and played around.  The adults played basketball:

Mommy and Jonathan just cheesing it up.

Another cake for Papa on Saturday evening

Ryan and James on Sunday before the AZ Manwaring's left.

So much time and sacrifice went into this surprise, thank you Kathy so much.  Thank you to everyone who came because that was a sacrifice.  And Thank You to Alan for being such a great Papa, Dad, and Husband!  Happy Birthday!
A cake again for Papa on Saturday evening

James loved the ice cream of course

Jonathan fell asleep at dinner.  He had missed a nap the entire weekend so everynight at dinner he was exhaused.  I put my sweatshirt underneath to cushion and let him sleep a little longer :)