Friday, April 15, 2016

Biking in February

Nathan is on a bike team again this year.  Same one as last year, except that they have changed the name to Total.CARE team. In February they held a training camp (girls would call it a bonding camp) down in St. George.

Riding down to the AZ border

Hiking up snow canyon

One of the guys on the team had their birthday on Sunday, and is also having a hard time so the team decided to stay an extra day.  Oh, that's nice sorta.  Nathan surprised me by talking to Shawn Beckstrom who always like an excuse to fly, and he flew down and picked him up, and was still almost there on time for 9:30 am church!  Wow!

This is a usual sight in the basement...the bike set up and watching bike racing.
Nathan is much stronger already this year from last, we are excited to see how this season goes.

The whole team in their new kits
Darren, Lee, Jesse, Shawn, Drew, and Nathan

 What a beautiful place to bike