Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Jonathan

Happy Happy Birthday to Jonathan!  I can't believe that my baby is two! That day we went to McDonald's for lunch then a cute party that evening. 

Two years old!

More cake!


A birthday party with little friends, the Price's and the Larsen's

More cake!  Seriously this kid loves cupcakes!

 Grandma and Papa for his birthday!  Papa made his sword and Grandma made his cape!  What neat gifts that will last him for a long time.

Rich and Rachelle came down that weekend and this was a few of the attempts of a picture of all of them...
Can't sit still

Smiling in this one

And this was the picture of all of the kids on the couch...
I love Finn's expression.

Loving the dog

Kirstin and Taylor came for dinner that night too!  
Making funny faces with the boys, very appropriate!

I am so grateful for my third little boy.  He is a mama's boy, loves his daddy and brothers, loves his "puppies" (stuffed animals), loves trains, cows, horses, farm animals, Jeeps, and tractors.  Loves his dog Lady.  Loves Jesus.  Is a climber, loves sweets and candy, and McDonald's playplace.  It is a full time job to keep this kid alive some days, but he is also so quick to give a hug and a love.