Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Day at Temple Square

On Friday for Papa's birthday we all dressed up fancy and went to Temple Square to have our pictures taken and eat linner (what is a meal between lunch and dinner?)  at the Garden Restaurant. It was chilly, and the navy pea coats that I bought my boys a few years ago came in very handy.  They looked very nice and were in the "color scheme".  I have a dress...that didn't fit as well after we ate :) I did literally change into a backup dress in the car on the way home.  Ha! 

The whole crew, a favorite of mine

Another favorite of the whole family...notice Jack's pea coat?
He was prepared for the cold
Jack and Nathan were walking around the reflection pond waiting for more picture taking

Papa and Jonathan
These two have a special bond, they have since day one

All the grandkids
I like this picture because it is real. 
No not every small kid is going to look at the camera when you have 15 of them.
And yes some will cry, that is why this picture is so awesome, it shows the realness, 
without photo-shopped faces or heads.
The chillyness wasn't helpful...but look Jack looks happy with his pea coat. 

Our little family's turn

Jonathan got his own picture because he had just had his birthday
The cutest two year old little guy

An updated one for Nathan for the company site

                                   Just playing around                                    I love my man

After pictures we had about an hour to walk around before our reservation for dinner.  We ended up in the same building but the bottom floor, and found a cute kids area in the family genealogy section.
 Jonathan (of all people) wanted to pretend to make food and eat, so he served me "hot chocolate".


Next it was time to eat, and my kids were actually really well behaved (I was worried taking that many kids out to eat at a ice place)

 Jonathan hadn't had a nap now for his second day in a row.  This is the kid that usually takes 3 hour naps each day.  As we were eating, he was falling asleep!  Actually falling asleep while eating a French fry.  It was so cute!  I took him out of the high chair and he fell asleep on me.  He never does that anymore so I enjoyed the snuggles.

We headed home after this, and boy were we all tired!  What a great day, thanks for all the planning Kathy!