Friday, April 15, 2016

February from the phone

These are some fun pictures from February from our phones.  A little random, but it is fun to remember these funny times with my blessings...

Jack started wearing {clean} underwear as a spiderman mask this month.

The boys decided that Jonathan needed to move into their room one night.... so really on a night after bedtime I had to get Nathan to take the doors off both frames so we could move the crib into the other bedroom.  Now all three boys are in one room! 

Cute little friends in preschool coming home for a playdate

This was the worst crash I had seen going down the canyon in the almost six years we've lived here.  People just going too fast on slippery roads.

Three little boys all in the tub

Jack at the Mountain Green Kids Club preschool cute Valentine's program

My love bug!

Having the Beckstroms over for family night and we decorated cookies and talked about choosing things that are good, better, or best. 

Emalee at the gym went to China to for a few months, and she was Jonathan's favorite.  We will miss her but she will be home in June.

I found them sleeping like this one night.  These two have such a special bond. 

Went with the Bennett's to see Kung Fu Panda 3, so six boys and two moms in the theater.

My boys ATE lasagna!  So I had to document that James ate something with sauce.

Skiing with my boys.  Jack was a little scared, but then gained confidence, and he and James did great on the run Becker.  These two are getting to be awesome!