Saturday, March 12, 2016

Christmas Eve will find you...

Christmas Eve we made chocolate chip cookies for Santa, and all had to help.  It's pretty much the best cookie that I can make, and the boys' favorite.  Win win all around.


Kellen came over to try a cookie :)  What a cute friend and we are lucky to live right behind them.

All ready for Santa to come.  What is actually quite funny if you can see it is the red balloon stuck in the fan.  It was stuck there for about 6 months, and finally in January when we had tint added to the top windows I asked the man if his ladder would reach high enough and to get that balloon down.  It finally did, but not before it being commented on every week at choir :)

Boompa read us "The Night Before Christmas" over skype.  He hasn't missed a year with me reading that in 31 years now!

Most of the pictures looked like this or worse, trying to get all three to look is quite hard :)

Success!  Mommy with James, Jack, and Jonathan! 

Jack and mommy getting a picture before bed by the tree

Brothers in matching pj's before heading up to bed

The best picture of the family

My cutie Jonathan, with his puppies and his mommy

He put himself in timeout while brushing teeth...I don't know why :)

My favorite time of Christmas Eve is when everyone has gone to bed, it's quiet and only lit with the Christmas tree.  We also keep our village lit as well, and I think it all looks magical.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"