Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dog Sledding

This was an awesome trip!  If it is going to be cold, EMBRACE IT!  Actually I have always wanted to do this, and we thought what a great time, and it can be our gift to my parents this year!  So the weekend after New Year's we headed out on Friday for two night get away to Steamboat Springs, CO, to go dog sledding with the Grizzle-T company.  We wanted the opportunity to drive the dogs, and not just ride in a sled, and that is exactly what we got!

Meeting dogs before hand.
Nathan liked this one the best 

Nathan and Kendra ready to go in their sled
(that is Kendra all bundled into the sled like a cocoon) 

Mom and Dad getting ready to go

Mom is all bundled and ready to go

Petting one last doggie that had already run that day

My view while in the sled.  You have to really hold the dogs back, because they will run and not slow up for anything, even if they are hurting.  They are Alaskan Husky dogs, which aren't considered pure breeds, but are defined only by their purpose, which is being a highly efficient sled dog.  And that they were.
Kendra taking a turn at driving

The whole team of 8 dogs that my Dad drove

Nathan with his favorites from our team, Solo Bear and Moon.

 Back at the condo we got before dinner that night. 
What a very fun adventure with great company :)