Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tonight's Snow Adventure

Tonight I decided to get everyone dressed and we went outside to A) take pictures and B) take Lady for a walk to find the name of the "F" street (we live on the "C" street, Cambridge). Brrrrr, was it cold, but James was nice and toasty in his new snow gear!

Daddy and James, who reminds me of the kid from A Christmas Story who "can't put his arms down" because of all the snow gear.

"Cheese", I love his little voice when he says that

Trying the snow, just don't try the yellow snow, it isn't lemon!!

Kind of deep, at least James' boots work! Can't say the same for Nathan's tennis shoes, now he needs boots


Kate Bailey said...

Snow is so fun with little kids, isn't it? Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving, too!

Angela said...

Aww, so cute!

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

James is such a cute little boy.