Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! We hope that everyone had a great time, and was able to spend it with people they care about. Nathan and I hosted for Nathan's brother Jason and sister-in-law Nicole, my sister Kirstin, and a co-worker of Nathan's who is from India, Ankit. We skipped the turkey and made prime rib (why not right, we were hosting!) , but we still had all the traditional sides. Kirstin made delicious pumpkin pies from my Mom's recipe, and she did a great job. Thank you! The only bad part of the day was that I scratched my cornea (like I did last Christmas on the way to Arizona). I fell asleep next to James with my contacts in when he woke up crying the night before. When I awoke at 4:45am, I rubbed my eyes, took out my contacts, and knew that I had done it again. It KILLED, seriously, and so light sensitive (didn't help with all the new snow) I had the blinds and curtains drawn all day. However, after doing this last year I knew that in about 2 days cornea's replace themselves completely, so I'd be good as new. I'm almost all the way 100% now. Lesson learned: NEVER sleep in contacts.

Nathan with the prime rib

Ankit, Jason, Nicole, Kirstin, (my empty chair) and Nathan. James had his nap during dinner which was really nice

And a cute one of James for the grandparents :)

Sorry for lack of neat food pictures, but I really couldn't open my eyes much at all. We did get to use my great-grandmother's china that I received this summer from my grandma, I remember always using that as a little girl, and I'm even the one who chipped a platter when I was about 5 or 6. We also had sparkling cider, another tradition. What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?


Kerry Jane said...

Well the Mears family always has a specific type of rolls, an old family recipe. I like out of the can crescent rolls better, but hey, it's tradition!!

Kendra said...

I love cranberry sauce from a can, has to be and without the berry bits!

Jonny said...

I love the prime rib idea! How fun! Sounds like you had a great day! Sorry about your cornea! Hey, we still need to have you over to play. Next week is good? Let me know! :) -Rach