Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hill Air Show

Hill AirForce Base Air Show!!  With my parents and cousin Tom all the way from Chicago!!  It was hot, but the best things we got was a wheelchair to push my mom around, and a handicap sticker to park closer. 
 Inside a cargo plane

Where do servicemen sleep on long rides...on bunkbeds by the cockpit

Up in the top of the cargo plane


That cockpit was really high up, and James and I were very frightened to go back down the ladder.

The one picture I got of my Dad at the airshow, and he's really small compared to that huge cargo airplane.

Cute little guy fell asleep in the shade of a Cessna

He caught a grasshopper :)


Taylor and James playing with the remote control tank...that was my parents back in the '80's.
It was working for a whole day, then the next night it went crazy and started driving on it's own,  and we still haven't figured out how to fix that yet.