Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Yellowstone: a few more...

A few more from our awesome trip...
The whole family at breakfast 
(even baby bump!)

There were majestic views everywhere, yours eyes could scarce take it in.

A good family one by the waterfall

 Looking over the edge
Jonathan's hair from the wind!
Jack thinks this is great.
Honestly I was nervous even with the fence there !

This is a really neat tree we found with all the roots exposed.

Hiking to the first waterfall.  Jonathan in his safe place.

This one was called the dragon's breath.
It was loud and stinky (sulfur)

Like in the post before we ran into the Beckstroms at Old Faithful! 
We were able to watch the eruption together.

Cute, cute friends

By the river, and some of the geothermic sulfur water runs into the river.  
Steam results, and the sight is beautiful.

I'm so happy Jonathan was content to be carried most of the time.
I love these boys of mine.

Watching the buffalo.  Lots of mamas and babies

We watched them safely from across the river.

Smores' at the cabin were a hit!
We didn't leave any food out for bears, every last crumb was eaten.