Monday, October 3, 2016

Doubling the Number of Kids in the House

Over the first weekend in May Richard and Rachelle needed someone to watch their kids for a bit, and we volunteered.  It really did double the number of kids that are in our house :)
Nathan took second in the Antelope Island bike race that Saturday.  I literally couldn't fit all the kids in the car to come watch.
They played on the trampoline

And watched Wild Kratts in the basement

Then we had a picnic in the basement

And we snuggled kittens next door

Lydia helped Jack do his reading program

James loves kittens
Finn came with me to Jack's soccer game, what a little buddy

Jack and Finn after the game

Later in the day, and right before a storm hit, we went to my friend Yolanda's home for a birthday party.
Finn and Jonathan were passed out when we got back home, and both stayed asleep as I transferred them inside.  What little cuties :)

I love, LoVe, LOVE that our kids are becoming such best friends.