Monday, October 17, 2016


Our going-ons during June in pictures:
Jack won the five race running series for the pre-k division for the summer
He was SO excited to get a trophy :)
And not every kid gets a trophy, just the overall winner of each division for boys and girls.
He was so cute, and when James was upset he didn't get a trophy, Jack said to him "if I get another trophy next time I'll give it to you, because having two trophy's is just silly".
James got the most improved time for the Kindergarten-1st division boys
 My mom and dad came to visit with cousin Tom!
Cousins can be lifelong best friends, and my dad and Tom are proof.
After losing touch for many years, they got back in touch about 15 years ago, and now see each other many times a year (Tom lives in Illinois), and call each other all the time too.
Mom and Dad with Cousin Tom before heading out on Sunday

Which was also the same Sunday that Jack gave his first talk in primary

Jenn and Bryan were also in town and we got to see them, and the cutest little Sadie too :)

Grandma and Jack playing this fun game with rods and a ball.
Jack got really good at it.

Happy Father's Day!  Going on a scavenger hunt to find his present
Following clues...

That is now a tradition in our house
Nathan with his boys

30 Weeks Pregnant!

 Nathan and Jonathan watching bike racing in the morning.  Jonathan really loves watching bike racing with his daddy (and his daddy puppy of course)

Kathy and Alan hold a grandparent camp each summer.  This year's theme was "I Love Science".
Everyday they learned new science things, and got to take home a lot of neat projects and science stuff.  Some favorites were: magnifying glasses, windchimes, bug jars, matching shirts, and bags with their pictures on them.  Look how excited these cousins are!
Funny faces :)>
All the grandkids that attended Grandparent Camp in their matching shirts.
I love how all the siblings are intermixed with their cousins in this picture!

I started going to Roy Crossfit.  
It is neat that they let the kids try out things after the parent's workout is over.
James and Jack practicing their rowing skills after a WOD

And I could still do handstand pushups with only one mat for my head
 (me second from right)

 Roy Crossfit mama's!
Pregnant ladies can lift!

I went up to the farm with the kids to see Richard and Rachelle their kids.
The adults were helping to fix up and get ready the red brick house for renters, so I was helping with the kids.  So we did a few activities.
How many cousins can fit on a four wheeler? A lot.

How many cousins can fit in a tractor? Seven.

Shade under a tree on the edge of the creek on the farm.
We found a little glade and explored it.

All of us on the four wheeler after our impromtu picnic

Horse Lessons:
Jonathan on Spud, this kid loves horses

Jack on Hans, BY HIMSELF!
This kid gained so much confidence this month on horses!

Swimming lessons, and Jack and Kellen became little fish:)

A view from one of Nathan's bike rides

Cloverbud camp!  Mountain Green peeps in it together

Down at the big Silverlake, they saw itty, bitty minnows...

...and Jack caught one with his hands!

And then we had a picnic by the lake with Grammies

Bike riding of course!
Look at how James is helping Jack to ride a bigger bike.
Jack asked for help and James jumped right in, he is a great big brother

 James earned his big bike! We gave it to him early before his birthday, but he had to earn 90 stickers for it...that's 90 chores/books read/kind acts!  And he loves his bike

 This little guy still is living in his helmet

 Another evening family bike ride

This cute little guy and I down by the pond

Fishing at the pond

Love where you live