Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Last Road Trip w/3

The first week of June I took my momma back to Colorado, and it was a fun trip with these three kiddos.
On the way we stopped in Cheyenne and visited Mark and Marie Freeman, old family friends.
Mark took my kids on a tractor ride (riding lawn mower), and they were in heaven

A very neat activity the boys have been wanting to do while in Colorado is fishing for crawdads.
We had a great picnic lunch and the boys got their wish. 

I stayed at a Hampton Inn down the way from Grandma Kitty's place.
Me, 3 boys, and a growing fetus in one king bed...
I kept worrying that I'd have Braxton-Hicks that wouldn't go away and I'd be there alone.
Turns out I was just fine, just with little feet kicking me from the inside and outside :)

Saying goodnight.

Different activities on the ride home, they read books and played the peg game given to them by Grandma Kitty, and watched the same Dinosaur Train movie.

I had insisted that Nathan stay home and try his hand again at the State Championship Hillclimb race...
last year he got 11th and wasn't happy because he knew he could do better...
...and this year he did :)