Thursday, October 27, 2016

July is for Birthdays!!

Welcome to our week of birthdays!  With both boys having a birthday on the same day, I didn't opt for the combined friend party this year.  So Jack had his friends over on Wednesday for a water birthday party.  A few of James' friends (who have siblings who are Jack's age) couldn't come on Saturday, so they also came the day of Jack's party, which worked out great. 

Eating outside made for easier cleanup!

James and Will

Jack wanted Pokemon balls on his cupcakes (chocolate)
I think they turned out pretty well

Present opening was a little chaotic :)
It went something like all the kids gave them their presents at the same time, and Jack just started opening them all.  James was on the other side of the room doing the same :)

Ruby and James

Jack wanted a pinata too.
They didn't have a Pokemon themed one, so we liked the pizza slice :)

Some of his best friends.
Eve, Bridger, Grady, Jack, and Ty

On their actual birthday (Friday) they opened up a shared present that morning...

A little blow up boat!  And we took it out that day to the pond!

And they found a snake at the pond too.  
A picnic lunch to celebrate.
James got the hang of the boat very quickly too and was paddling Jack and him around.

That night we had Manwaring family over for a party!
How fun that cousins got to come because they live close now!!
Grandma Kathy made them an awesome Pokemon 2-tiered cake!
And the little figures were all that could be played with afterwards.
Thank you to Grandma!

James got a remote controlled quad-copter 

Jack got a bag full of tiny Pokemon

Kaylee playing around :)  She is such a sweetie

Papa helping Jonathan shoot an arrow

Jack thanking his Grandma for his favorite cake :)

Party at our house with Manwaring cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents

Saturday evening then was James' friend party.
He wanted to go to Dartside (an indoor nerf gun arena), but on Friday and Saturday's they also do black lights!  It was a blast with this fun group of boys!

We had dinner before taking them to Dartside, of pizza, Gatorade, chips and grapes.
And then of course cake...which was some of the cake that Grandma made.  We've had a lot of cake this week, and James was fine sharing this cake with his friends.  Thank you buddy!

Group shot!

And finally...
... this is Midnight:)
She became our kitten over this week as well.
There were multiple times that she could have gotten a home, but she wasn't chosen, and James LOVES her.  And seriously this kitten comes when called by her name?  And she is a lover, and we had a mouse in our garage not long ago...she'll be an outdoor cat who sleeps in the garage :)
Welcome Midnight to our family!