Tuesday, October 25, 2016

July 4th

Fourth of July...
Started out with the parade in Morgan

I love the small town parade.  We've been coming to the same corner now for 6 years.  I know exactly where to park, and it is small town enough you don't have to show up super early for a good spot.

 I took the boys since Nathan had to be in Bountiful to start his crit race.  We left straight from Morgan and still made it in plenty of time to watch him race.  We like the crit races because of how many time you get to see the racers go by.

Drew, Darrin, and Nathan.  The team put up a good race, but unfortunately no one podiummed this time. Not pictured was Lee, but his knee was giving him fits and he had to stop.
This team has been awesome.

On the way home we got happy meals, it was a happy day!
Then I heard something that no one ever likes to hear...
that sound of throw-up.  James said "Mom, Jonathan threw up, OH NO! NOW HE'S REALLY THROWING UP!"  I think it was the combo of apple juice and not really eating anything that day but parade candy...yep, I'm a good mom.  Yes, my kids eat sugar(you wouldn't know it from how skinny they are). So I pulled into the Smith's parking lot in Farmington...and there was so much throw up that I called Nathan because I needed back up help.  So there I am in the parking lot, with the throw-up filled car seat on the ground, and people walking into Smith's looking.  I would just say "Hope you have a better fourth than I'm having".  That got a few good chuckles.  Nathan arrived and we literally laughed so hard we cried while running options.  Finally he just dumped out the car seat in the parking lot, I put it in the back, we stripped down Jonathan, and he had to be in James' booster seat on the way home.  We opened the back of the car and tossed that car seat straight to the trash upon entering the garage.  It had seen it's share of vomit, and we had another from when both boys were in 5-point car seats. The vomit/trashed one had been the more used, and we've completely gotten our money's worth. So, hence the picture with a naked Jonathan in the middle of the car. I sent the picture to Ann, and she says I should write a book about all the crazy poop/throw-up stories we have...she might be onto something:)  

Later that day we had a great dinner with Jason and Nicole (and kids) and Kathy and Alan.
Jonathan wanted a snuggle from mommy, so I had to oblige...he's still my baby for a little longer.
Trying to be patriotic, we are cutting the water melon with a star cookie cutter.

Sprinkler under the tramp is always a fun {slippery} time

Getting ready to watch some fireworks in the front yard 

We all got our seats :)

Each boy picked out this flaming sword firework,
and there had to be rules that they couldn't be pointed at anyone,

James with this cute kitten from the Norman's 
This little one is the runt named Midnight, and James wakes up every morning early to look for the kittens and then snuggle them.

My nails turned out pretty cute, too.
Happy 4th of July!

 That night in one of the cul-de-sacs most people in the neighborhood gathered, and set off all the fireworks collectively.  What a neat place we live in.  Three boys piled into the back and we went to watch.

Jonathan was scared and kept his head down, which wasn't a bad idea since the fireworks were so big, and right over head we were getting hit with pieces of cardboard:)