Tuesday, October 4, 2016

End of the School Year

Wow, a lot of end-of-school-year activities! These were all within the same week too.  I needed summer break after all this!  We'll start with Jack:

Jack played "Jack" in "Jack and the Beanstalk" at Ms. Sara and Ms. Kelly's preschool

Then I hosted my last preschool playdate with these two cute friends.
McDonald's with a play place was their choice :)

Last Day of School with Ms. Shawna and Ms. Lacy

Preschool graduation 

Sitting with Daddy while watching Jack
The graduation was supposed to be outside, and last minute a storm blew in, so they improvised and had it at the preschool...but there were lots of families and kids so it was a bit crowded.

A favorite teacher Ms. Shawna, she has taught my two older boys for four years now.  She is a great teacher and the kids just love her.

At James' school they held a "reader's theater" in first grade.
James got to be in three theater reading's

Here he is as Loosey Goosey

A big hug afterwards with all the brothers...this melts my heart

James and Mrs. Thurston
She was a great fit for James and helped to push him to learn, grow, and get out of his comfort zone and gain confidence.  He can do hard things! 

Later in the week...:
Ms. Sara and Ms. Kelly's preschool graduation came next.
It was a beautiful day in the park

Telling a little about Jack and his enthusiasim for learning 

Everyone's tie-dyed shirts they made at school 

How cute is this!  Every kid got a binder with examples of their work and pictures that were taken throughout the year! Plus this adorable hat they got to keep.

With the Graduate:)

Ms. Sara and Ms. Kelly have been fantastic teachers this year. 
I have loved how much Jack has learned from this preschool as well, he is ready for kindergarten.

Last day of Preschool for Jack!  Now I have a kindergartener on my hands!
He is ready and I'm so excited for him.

Since Boompa was here we got to have lunch with James at the school!

Last day of 1st grade!  He is getting so big!