Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Preston Rodeo/Haworth Reunion

Preston Rodeo Weekend...aka, the unofficial Haworth family reunion in Franklin and Preston Idaho.
I look forward to this every year.  This year, with the last weekend of July being so close to my due date and my history of going early I didn't think we would be able to go.  Well, after my  false alarm earlier that week I packed up and we'd see how I was feeling to see if we'd stay the night.  Saturday we played at the farm until Nathan got there on his bike (yep from our house in Mountain Green all the way to Franklin!).  After he was ready for the day we went with family to the carnival. 

Jonathan on the merry-go-round

Emily loving it as well

This ride was awesome, Jack was laughing/screaming, James loving it, and I was laughing and taking pictures while watching from the ground.

Another cute ride that all the brothers could enjoy together

 James went with Lydia and Elisa a second time :)

Pictures from the biggest small-town parade there is.  Seriously my kids came away with more candy than they get from Halloween!  Also look at all the family that was there...just at this one corner spot!

Fun cousin's and best friends Tom with Lilah

After the parade was the rodeo.  James and Jack went with Grandma and Grandpa, but Nathan and I didn't have tickets because we didn't think that we'd even be able to go and you have to get tickets months ago.  Unfortunately some AZ family couldn't come, but we were able to buy the tickets for the boys to go off them.  During that time we went to a playground with Jason (who brought up his kids by himself) to play with Jonathan.  They all liked this bunches.

After the park we started back to the farm.  Jonathan wouldn't fall asleep, so I took him on a drive, and ended at the Twin Rivers farm down the road from Grandpa's.  This is the one that has all their baby cows in little huts by the road that we can see.  Well one of the calves was in the middle of the road and had broken off his chain!  So there I am, very pregnant, trying to pull this calf back to his hut, a car came by and wouldn't stop...and Jonathan was crying to see this calf while he's strapped in the car.  Nathan had opted to stay at the red brick house to help Jason with his kids and talk with him.  Anyway, it worked out and I got the baby to a hut, buy why does crazy stuff happen to me?
Well, we had decided to stay the night, and because there were so many people from the Haworth family, all Manwaring's (Rich and Rachelle's crew, Jason and kids, and Kathy and Alan + us) stayed at the newly cleaned and painted red brick house next door to Grandpa and Grandma's house, since it wasn't rented out yet.  It was fun...and hot!  I've never been so hot at night(except while growing up).  So there were a few rooms of people and only one bathroom.  And it turns out that in the middle of the night EvErYoNE needed to use it :/  Also, the only window that wasn't painted shut in the house and had a screen on it was in the bathroom, so it was the only cool room.  When it was finally my turn I put my head against the cool sill and really enjoyed the wind that was blowing, and then watched a spider start to spin her web in front of my nose!  I named her Charlotte and said I wouldn't bother her if she didn't me.  It was one of the longest nights that I can remember.

The next morning we went to church with Grandpa and Grandma Haworth, then afterwards went to Doug and Debbie's for lunch with everyone.  (picture coming from Angela)

Misty and I.  She is amazing. I've had all my babies within a few months of her, including this last one.  She is the blessed mom of 6 beautiful children, two of which are angels watching over their family.  I hope to be as close to the spirit as she is.

What I love so much about this weekend is that it is an chance for all of these second cousins to get together to become better friends and build memories in a place that is a legacy.  It's not just a's a place that has been in the family for generations, that has been bought and sold among family members, that has been cultivated by blood, sweat and tears, and that is a place where cousins become the best of friends.

Jack with cutie cousins at the Porter place

We are always sad to leave, but we can't wait until next year!

After getting home, we all crashed from the fun and family filled weekend.