Thursday, November 10, 2016

Livingroom remodel 1.0

So we have wanted to redo our living room fireplace since we moved in.  We also had a friend and designer figure out what would look best in our living room, and she drew up a plan for three more windows to be added!  The project was supposed to be started and finished before the baby came...but contractors were behind.  When our general called the day before I was to be induced, I figured out that they would start the day after we came home.  He was so nice and said we could wait, but I said "NO, let's do this!"  And I am so happy with the result!

Measuring and starting to cut the drywall for windows

Windows cut, and framed, the new framed area for the new fireplace, and a bench added to the fireplace

Cutting the outside!  My mom was sitting on the couch and said "oh my, holes in walls, this makes me nervous".
Windows were in that day!

Jonathan jumping off the bench

Fireplace installed!

Drywall is fixed around windows!

New mantel ordered and came, we figured out how high to install it

Nathan and Clark our hometeacher installing the mantel

Our stone guy was very motivated to get it done.  He is also one of the managers at Harristone.  So when our friend called to order the stone, he said it was on back order.  We asked when he could get to our stone, and he pulled some strings, and actually took another order for our project to get it done that weekend!  Because we had used a designer, we got a discount, and she passed that discount on to us.  Finally, he said if we could pay in cash that day, he'd even take off a little more.  The additional windows ended up costing us more than the stone and the work to put it up!

Half way done with the stone!

James and Jack helping to add the last of the stone with our master stone mason.

Look at all the new light, and that fireplace!  Oh I just love it!

Better than we had even envisioned it!