Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fotofly Newborn Pictures

Newborn pictures needed to happen, and we've been so happy with our experience at Fotofly that we called on them again to take pictures of ALL the kids and our new family picture.  We are very happy with the results:
James' 7 year old pictures...

...of course one had to have the monkey:)

Jack's 5 year old pics...

Jonathan is 2.5:

Jordan's pictures...he had been sleeping the first week of his life, then and only then for the photo shoot, he was the most awake he had ever been.  Plus he was fussy.  I didn't get any with him as a cute sleeping baby. However, they were still able to grab some great ones:
Love it!

This funny little face!

The brothers:

 I love this!

Jordan with Daddy:

Jordan with mommy:

Look at that perfect head of hair :)

Family pictures:

And since Grammies was still with us...
He was also the most calm  he had been that whole photo shoot when she held him:

 I asked them to take a picture with "her boys",
and it turned out great!