Thursday, November 10, 2016

Meeting the World and Coming Home

We were blessed with many visitors that first day in the hospital!  Brothers coming to meet the new little guy!  Also Grammies and Grandma and Papa got to meet him after only being alive for a few hours.  You sure are loved Jordan!
Daddy is holding him and is ready for our little circus to come in
Look at all of that dark hair!  

Brothers want to check out their new bro.

Jack checks his feet, they are so small!

Meeting grammies

And Grandma too

Their fourth son had his fourth son :)

This little guy loves to snuggle on our chests we learned

...and everyone is always up for a baby snuggle :)

Our family of 6! I might be outnumbered, but they all treat me like a queen

That night Kirstin and Taylor drove up from South Jordan to meet Jordan (ha, that is ironic and funny). 

The next day in the afternoon we got to come home!
Ready in his BYU onesie!
All the boys have worn a onesie with this same pattern :)

He's much bigger in the carseat than any of the others have been.  The others had to have a oxygen test to make sure they were okay to breathe while in the carseat.  I guess when you are as big as Jordan you don't need the test.   New to us!

Jonathan looking at the new addition and wanting to be a helper too

James is very careful and makes sure to have the pillow for support

Jack is happy to hold him 

Daddy taking a little nap with new guy on his chest

James holding his new brother

Grammies was often found like this over the next two weeks