Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Weekend of Grandparents

A little less than two weeks after Jordan was born, Boompa came back to Utah to A) meet his newest grandson, and B) take Grammies back home after she had helped for two weeks.  I was feeling pretty good and so we did a few fun activities together.

Jack had a soccer game.  He is a great natural leader, and really is intense.  He helps his teammates (friends) really get into competition.  He is also naturally athletic and is pretty good too.

After soccer that afternoon we went to the Air Force Museum.  It is a favorite of my dad's, and has become a favorite of my boys as well.
Beautiful day, out looking at the huge planes

The whole family inside

Jonathan wanted his own picture by a helicoptor
In a jet seat

Jonathan getting a ride from Kirstin
I'm noticing how dark both of our hair has become over the years(neither of us are currently dying it)!

Jack wearing his great-grandfather's Navy the Air Force Museum :)
Some of the retired volunteers were talking to him about it.

Jonathan likes to pretend that he needs this swing, but he says he is not a baby.  In fact he has even decided that he is a big boy and wants to only go on the big  So we are also working on potty training while having a new baby (and all that entails) plus having a remodel of our living room.  Why not right?

Dinner (also notice that baby hasn't been put down)

Baby Jordan and Grammies

Even getting held by his big brother James

He is such a cutie, and so content. Really only cries if he's hungry, tired, or has an occasional gas bubble.

Jordan even has been giving 4 hour stretches at night, and after he eats goes right back to sleep.  He has been the easiest so far.  He sorta has to be, being the 4th he just gets taken along.  His schedule is a three hour one: he eats every three hours, then naps afterwards, then I make sure he eats again after it has been about three hours from the last feeding.  Naps happen when and where ever.  Gone are the days of "oh we have to be home for the baby's nap".  Ha, with four kids that just doesn't work out.