Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little horsey riding

Lately James has really liked playing with a stick horse that I had as a kid.  Well, one night, instead of going to bed, we ran around the couch with horses for about forty-five minutes.  
 They loved it! I thought it was pretty fun too.
Tears ensued when we had to stop and finally get them into bed.

The horses that go around our waists are also from my childhood.  Kirstin and I got them for Christmas one year, and then all of our cousins got one too, so when we all got together that day, we played horse racing at my Papa and Grandma's house in Denver.  They had a sort of circle through their house so we would run and run. 

Check out this old school pic!
Kirstin(5), Meghan(4), Kendra(9), Annie(9), Jessica(4), and Tim(3)
So the picture shows our horses...
and it gets you in the mood for Christmas with all of us having an (ugly) Christmas sweater.