Monday, November 12, 2012


Last Saturday evening our friend and neighbor Steve offered to take us flying in his small 100 horsepower, Cessna 140.  The plane was built in 1946.  
The Morgan airport is about one mile from our house, and we see planes go by on a daily basis.
I've wanted to go up in a small plane for a long time now, 
so this was a bucket list item, and awesome!
It was so nice of him to take us up.  I went first.

  Steve laughed at me because of how nervous I was.  Good thing it wasn't a bumpy ride.  I held onto the bottom of my seat pretty much the whole time.  I did take the controls once, but, once again, was nervous.  I think I could do it again and not be so nervous. I liked that he explained everything to me that he was doing while doing it. Overall though I really did like it.

Next up was James.

So after I took off, James I guess talked, and talked, and talked about flying with Daddy while on the ground.  When it was his turn, he was so excited.  Didn't seem scared at all.
Steve is also one of his nursery leaders at church so James likes him too.

James listening to instructions from Steve

Steve took him just in one big loop, but did a few "rollercoasters" where the plane goes up and down.
I was even too scared to do that, but James liked it!
When he got back down we asked him how it was and he said his belly went up and down. 
Then we asked if he was scared, and he started to say "I was, no, I'm not scared".
Steve would ask him "how you doing?" And after everything James would reply "alright".  
S:"Want to do a rollercoaster?" 
J: "Alright"
S: "Was that fun?"
J: "Alright"
S: "Want to do that again?"
J: "Alright"
He loved it!  He loved it so much that the next day he said we needed to fly to church, not drive.
We might have a future pilot on our hands:)

Nathan went last, and of course liked it, and of course wasn't nervous.
He went up last year with an ex-Navy pilot that is in our ward, did barrel rolls, loops (the upside down kind), and a take off that goes straight up.  
He said he has never really been motion sick until that ride, so this one was more enjoyable.
Thank you Steve!  And thank you Holly for letting us borrow your husband on a Saturday!
We live in a pretty cool place to have this small airport just down the hill from us.