Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Trip to Colorado

I had planned to take a trip to Colorado to have the boys visit their Grammies and Boompa, and of course family in the Denver area the 17th of October.  Well, my nephew Tyler was coming home from his mission on the 21st, so I talked to my parents and Grandma Kitty, and it worked out that my mom and Grandma Kitty could come back with me to attend his homecoming talk on the 23rd.  I know that my dad really wanted to go to, but he could not get the work off.  So off James, Jack-Jack, and I went to visit our family in Colorado.  We stayed with Grandma Kitty, and it worked out really well.  James ended up in "the cave" aka a blanket over part of Grandma's desk, that all the grandkids have used as a cave before. He liked sleeping there at night.

The cave, a view inside and out
We went a few times to a park near my home, which had swings, slides, a climbing wall, and was a great place to picnic
Jack-Jack trying to catch James in this tunnel

James giving Lonnie a hug, he loves dogs

 Swinging with Grandmas

Fun activities at the park

We visited Uncle Kyle and Aunt Carol
Cute little buddies and namesakes.
Jackman Kyle snuggled right up to Uncle Kyle.

James loves dogs, and my uncle and aunt, Kyle and Carol, have the best labs I've ever met.
Morgan the black one could fetch a ball all day, and Ellie the white one is only 7 months old, and still is so calm. James loved playing with them, laying on them, throwing them balls, and showing them fish.
 Loving on Morgan

 We also visited the Littleton Historical Museum, which is a living and working farm.  There are two area's, one from the 1890's and one from the 1860's.  The place has grown, added animals, and has neat changing exhibits from when I grew up and would visit.
Did I mention you can visit this place for free?  Yep, it's awesome.
Walking with both my boys at the living historical farm

 James enjoyed pretending in the play area

Love these cuties

Lastly we were able to visit one evening the Colman's. They are just more Grandparents to me now, and always lifelong friends.
Grandpa and Grandma Colman

 Jack-Jack and Grandpa Colman

     Grandpa got down on their level :)

After all of these things, we packed up and left on Saturday day with two extra passengers to Utah.
Of course that was the night that both kids didn't sleep great, and I was driving across Wyoming.  It was actually a little comical.  I fell asleep in "the cave" with James, but woke up at 1am w/out having taken my contacts out yet.  So I do that and get ready for bed, but now can't sleep because I hear a consistent breathing noise from my mom who was staying at my Grandma's house because we were leaving the next morning.  I end up going back to "the cave" because I couldn't hear her breathing from there, only to have Jack wake (I think he had a bad dream and woke up in a strange place) at about 3am.  I hold him for a little bit, until I feel his little body go limp and set him back in his pack-n-play in the closet.  I then lay on the couch with my head next to the air vent to not hear my mom's breathing.  James woke up about five and was scared, because he also was in a strange place.  So I go back again to the cave with him.  Jack wakes again at 7, and by this time my Grandma wakes up and says to take her bed with Jack.  I'm trying to get maybe another half an hour of sleep, but can't because I couldn't figure out what was going on with the bed.  It seemed to be getting hotter, like really hot.  Turns out Grandma had a heating blanket on, but with Jack laying on top of my chest, I was surrounded by heat, and so I just gave up and woke up.
And of course it was the first night where either of the boys woke up.
Anyway, we made it just fine, but it was ironic, and a bit comical.

And P.S. My high school, Englewood High School, is being torn down :(
I went by to check it out, that is crazy to see