Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We Voted!

I wanted my kids to see us vote.  I remember going to the polling place when I was little with my parents to watch, back when the little booth had a curtain.  The polling people always told my dad not to let me push any buttons.  Well, he always let me push the buttons.

When we voted this year, I waited for Nathan to come from work, we headed over to our polling place which was the elementary school by our house, and we got in line....a long line of twenty-thirty minutes, with two small kids...this plan wasn't thought through!

So Nathan went outside to the playground (good thing it wasn't snowy yet) and when I got to the part where we showed ID's, I called him and he came back in.  Then when we got to the voter machine, I took James, Nathan took Jack, and we quickly filled out our ballots.  We had gone over the ballot before, so knew exactly how we were going to vote and didn't have to read all amendments and such.  I was explaining what I was doing and that it was important to vote.  Then we all got an "I Voted" sticker!  That was of course important :)

I grateful that we live a country where we can vote for who we want to represent us, even if our candidate of choice doesn't always win.