Monday, November 12, 2012


One of James' discovery books,
(which by the way happened to be from Kirstin's and my childhood)
is about Vegetables.
There is a picture of a carrot carved into a car.
James has talked about these for awhile.
On Halloween we were invited to our friends, the Woods, for dinner, so I decided to bring a "carrot-car" for everyone.  It took a little practice but I was able to figure out the pieces and the best ways to put tires on, carve out little drivers, etc.
They actually took a long time to make, but all of the kids liked them.
My kids played while I worked on them, doing:

 James made a milk truck out of blocks

 Being cute

 "Cheese :)"

And then I got the first one done!

 James raced my "proto-type" around the couch while it took me another hour to carve out twelve more.  I don't think it will take me as long the next time because I don't have to experiment to keep the wheels from falling off.

 Carrot-cars!  Complete with little man driver, and carrot hubcaps to keep the wheels on.
Add with ranch, and kids like to say "carrot-car" while eating their veggies :)

 Everyone was eating the carrot-cars! 
Happy Halloween!!!