Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Annual Asian Star Meal

In October, usually the second weekend, Grandma Hiller has her birthday dinner at the Asian Star restaurant.  It was lucky that Alan and Kathy were here for it too this year.  

Jack-Jack enjoyed the food a lot.

James catching a drink before actually eating (it is rare for this kid)

 With the birthday girl :)
Anyone from the family is invited, and she has a REALLY BIG family.
To give you an idea, she married Nathan's Great-Grandpa Hiller after he already had six kids and was a widower.  Nathan's mom is Grandma Haworth, and is number two of those six kids.  She had seven daughters, who each had from four to six kids of their own.  And about half of those are now married and having kids of their own.  Now imagine the posterity that comes from Grandma Haworth's five other siblings.
And you get an idea of how big a family Grandma Hiller has, and she is matriarch over all, and she knows everyone's name!  She is a big family history buff, and I love how she says that "getting information from the living is harder than getting it from the dead".  Haha.  She has amazing family history books, that I looked through when we lived with her.
Nathan and I had the priviledge of living with her for six months when we moved back to Utah from Texas.  She even let Lady stay with her too.
What a Grandma :)
It was great to see so many people at her birthday!
Happy Birthday!