Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

 Happy Halloween!!!
James was a football player.
And not just any football player, but a Broncos football player!!
Mommy matched James with her Broncos jersey as well

Daddy was a safari man taming a wild monkey, aka Jackman :)
 Double handed suckers at the ward Trunk-or-Treat
That day was our first snow (the Wednesday before Halloween), and luckily it had all melted for that night, only to start up again in the middle of the night.

Jackman Trick-or-Treating
James was really good about sharing, and it was working out better for Jack to be in the stroller while James would go and get a piece of candy for both of them. 
 Getting ready to go out.
Lucy is the friend in the background who photo bombed us :)

 Getting the loot

 Holding onto the helmet

 Check out how we would get around in the stroller built for two but with three!
I love that you can only see one arm of James.
Hope that everyone had a very Happy Halloween!