Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Howbe, Howbe, it's Me James!

Here is random pictures from October of Jamers. He informed me this morning that "my name is Jamers and James".  He is a cutie, and he is talking better and better.  He goes through stages though of saying the same word a lot sometimes.  During the summer it was "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah".  Then he just one day stopped that.  Now he'll say "howbe, howbe" and then whatever he was going to say.  My favorite is "howbe, mommy, I love you".  It is great.  
 My favorite three year old

 "Look mommy, this beetle is great"
Lots of things are great now. 
He'll add the adjective "great" to describe things.
James likes to play baseball.  Doesn't matter if it's inside or out, and he's getting more power in his swing now! Don't stand too close!

 "Hi chickens, eat your food"
James will makes sure each animal needs to eat their food.

James and Daddy looking at the giant flock of sheep that were grazing right by our house...
eating their food :)
 James likes to "go hiding", like under Jack's blankie...

 ...or under the couch pillows.  That is a daily occurrence.

 James working on his computer, like Daddy

 Daddy made a giant daddy snowman, a little boy snowman, and a puppy snowman.
James then wanted to ride the snow-puppy.

So today I tried to be good mommy and go play in the snow, but 15min of preparation to go outside with both boys resulted in 4min of playing time before both were cold and wanted to go back in, followed by 15min of cleanup because of the snow tracked in that had to then be mopped up and getting everyone undressed and everything put back away.
And I'll probably try again tomorrow:)

 What a great activity, marbleworks!

 We did races!

 James being a "football person".  Each sport is a different type of person.
Like mommy and daddy are "running persons" when we go on a run :)

Enjoying his bathtime.  Also this shows his hair that it is flat.
I try to do his hair, but most of the time he pats it down and says "NOOO, it needs to be flat!"
That is one battle I don't usually fight, unless we are going to a family function :)

 And he is finally potty trained! 
This is the digger that he choose to get if he would go in the potty.
Funny is that he had to fill up a sticker chart with 25 stickers before he could get it.
Well, that concept was a little lost on him.
He would go, and then say "where's my digger".  I'd explain that he needed to go a few more times and never again have diapers, then we could get it.
It was two full days of crying, sitting on the toilet, multiple times in a few minutes to get a sticker, which wouldn't count because he didn't actually go, and I gave in.
We got the digger, but away went all diapers, and if he had an accident I told him I'd take it away.
And he still needed to fill up the sticker chart, with interest of about 10 stickers.
He did it, and we taught him to say "I bought my digger on credit"
He is still doing great, and he's in "Cars" underwear all the time now.

Now he's asking Santa for the dump truck that goes with this digger, of course.