Monday, November 12, 2012

Grandma's from Colorado

Grandma Kitty and Grammies stayed in Utah for three days after Tyler's talk!  So what do you do with all that time?
 Read books together

Try to fly a kite in thirty mile per hour winds
(fyi, that doesn't really work! But it was mighty funny trying) 

Watch a storm roll in

Bring Lady inside because she was scared of the wind

Bake banana bread as it starts to rain

Jack-Jack and Mommy after bath time

We all went to Tanner's choir concert
James was seriously perfect the whole time.  Sat on Kira's lap.
Jack, well, he liked one song then was a bit done.

We made zucchini bread
 Nathan and I had made a bet that I wouldn't use the giant zucchini and the too ripe bananas before the grandma's left, and thus I had to make two types of bread while they were here.

Everyone helped!

And we made bread because one day the clouds were moving in, and the next day we woke up to...
James and Lady went out to explore it.

And we played together!
Thank you so much for coming out to visit us Grandma Kitty and Grammies!
We loved having you, always welcome.