Wednesday, October 31, 2012

General Conference at the Farm

This General Conference weekend we worked at winterizing our yard so that we could spend most of the time up at the farm.  The first announcement of the first talk the first day, now announcing the new age for missionaries was just awesome.  It made me think if I would have gone on a mission if that was around, the implications that will mean for youth now, and the increased number of missionaries that it will create.  All of those things are so neat.  

Grandkids with the Grandparents

After the first session we headed up to Franklin and enjoyed the rest of Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa Haworth, and a lot of the Tanner family was up there too.  During the priesthood session Grandma, Sherri, Kristie, Lacey and I all did manicures, and even Lilah chose a color to have her nails painted.  Thanks for letting me crash the party girls :) 

 Taking a walk to enjoy the weather in between sessions

 Jack wasn't too sure about the cows, after I set him down he was screeching 
and wanting me to pick him up again.
James on the other hand LoVeS the cows and always asks to go see them again.

 All the grandkids love a ride on Grandma's wheelchair

It was gorgeous weather up there, so we took advantage one day and took a ride through the river bottoms area as a family. This is one "toy" I want to get someday.

Jack was usually taking a pretty good nap during the sessions, and James was either playing pretty good with all the neat old toys they have, or I was trying to get him to listen by getting a different treat when he heard a key word like "missionary" "Jesus" "prayer" and "scriptures". 
I love General Conference and am always inspired to do better afterwards.
And we love to visit the farm, this fall weather made it all the better.