Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Xterra Triathlon

Nathan raced in the Xterra Off-road Triathlon, long course, this year up at Snowbasin Resort, which is a measly 10min drive from our house.  He's wanted to do it the last two years, but the timing hasn't been right.  This year he did really well, and we were so proud of him, and we were able to go watch him come in from the bike and then at the finish (I didn't think that the kids would do well trying to see him come out of the swim, then find a place along the bike course, then on the run somewhere, get the idea).

Nathan getting out of the water at Pineview Reservoir after a 1500m swim
Some friend's of ours that we know through Nathan's work were there so Becky got a picture of Nathan at the swim.  Jeff was racing the long distance too. 

 James and Jack-Jack held a sign for Daddy

Mountain Biking, 18miles and 3400' of climbing 
Climbing is Nathan's forte 

 Coming down the chute for the finish after running a 10k trail run
It was so gorgeous for this race up at the Snowbasin resort.
The leaves were mostly all red and so pretty

 Looking pretty determined

 Right after the race "just give me a sec"

 We love our Daddy!! 
James liked seeing Daddy be a racing person

Turns out that Nathan won third in his age group, which right now is such a hard group!  
Way to go Daddy-O


Angela said...

Way to go Nathan! That's so awesome! Although I'm not the least bit surprised. :)