Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fish at Bridal Veil Falls?!

So there is a popular little place up the Provo Canyon called Bridal Veil Falls.  Last year a small fish pond was created near the base of the falls, with rocks around it so the fish could not escape.  At the beginning of this month I went to visit Kirstin, and she suggested we go up to the fish pond at Bridal Veil.  I was thinking "what?! yeah right", but there really is a fish pond now with a little dispenser to buy food for 25cents to feed them.  James and Jackman both loved it.  I love all the pictures too.  It was such a beautiful fall day.  Thanks Kirst!
Headed up the trail

Look Mommy, fish!

Hanging out in the pack

Mommy and her two boys