Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Before and After of Project Fence Stain

 I've been motivated lately by the lovely weather to do some projects.  And we needed to winterize the fence.  I guess I didn't realize how bad it looked until we had stained and water proofed it for winter (and we had to get that done before we could go to the farm for General Conference!)

 My lovely helper!
I would try to get it done while Jack was sleeping, so it took me a few days.
Once we got started though it was looking so good we didn't want to stop.
All the stain it took!
We underestimated this, and had to go back to Home Depot...twice


 During... James was helping take pictures too

 You can see the side by side comparison of done vs. not done

What a difference! And just in time, because it has snowed since this!
We used 5.25 gallons to do our entire fence, front and back
We tried spraying it on then rolling it in, just plain rolling it, and ended up painting it on with a brush.
That took some more time, but used so much less that we probably could have done it w/ the original three gallons that we bought.


Christian Renwick said...

Looks like you and your kiddo were able to bond while doing this fence staining project. You're pretty fast to have finished it in one day. Just make sure you get to stain the wood to protect it during the winter or any extreme weather condition, and other bad elements. Christian Renwick @ Altitude Fence and Deck