Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My First Marathon

Running my first marathon, and I'm hooked!
I ran the Top of Utah Marathon on Sept 15th, and I'm trying to figure out how to do another soon.
I finished in 4:10, not to shabby for the first marathon, and  not even really being too much into running until two years.
Nathan and I had signed up together, but he really wanted to do the Xterra Tri the next weekend, and didn't think he would be recovered enough by then. 
I actually enjoyed running it, and now I'm hooked.

Kristie and I at mile 24
Kristie and Tom seriously made my entire month, came up for the race, and Kristie jumped in and ran with me from mile 18-26.  At about mile 22, the tiredness hit. I had another chocolate GU gel, and made it through the last 4 miles.

 I'm apparently mad in this as I'm heading to the finish, I think I'm just trying to beat the clock from ticking away any more time.

Thank you Kristie, Tom, and Lilah for coming up to Logan!  When Kristie called that week to plan it, it made my whole month.  I was so worried about how I would get through the race because I didn't have anyone to run with.  It was so much fun to run with her the last 8 miles.  
Now we just need to sign up for one together, and get Angela in on the fun too!

James and Jack-Jack holding a sign for Mommy to go faster :)

Thank you Nathan for supporting so much to accomplish this goal!
(James was sad because he wanted my ice cream sandwich from the after race tables)


Hillary said...

Way to go Kendra! That is so inspiring! :) You did awesome!

Meg said...

Oh how I wish I would have been there with you! Way to go - you did amazing!! (And I'm way impressed you're smiling at mile 24!)

Angela said...

Congratulations Kendra! You did so awesome and I'm so glad you had such a great time! You look fabulous running! And yes, someday we WILL do something together. :)