Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Preschooler in the House

We have a preschooler in the house! James started preschool last week!
James on his very first day of school!

He goes two days a week for 2.25 hours to the new preschool here in town, and he loves it! His favorites when asked are "applesauce" and playing with playdough. I couldn't figure out what "applesauce" was, until I figured out it was the saying they say for kids to sit on their square cross-legged. I said "do you mean criss cross applesauce?" "Yeah, criss cross applesauce". I've caught him repeating it, to himself, I think he likes that tongue twister.
He is always excited to go to preschool. The teachers there love what they do, and love the kids.
I know it shows because the kids love school and their teachers.
I hope that he'll always have that love for school.
Keep learning little buddy :)


Meg said...

We love James!! He definitely brightens our preschool day. :) I'm still smiling over the criss-cross applesauce!