Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Our cousin Lacey Tanner married Travis Lott on August 24th in the Salt Lake City Temple, and were lucky enough to be able to go. It was so beautiful, her colors were very tasteful and went together just right, without too much of one. The bridesmaids outfits were so pretty, I loved them, might have to have her go shopping with me to pick out what I should wear.
Honestly, she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Her hair was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Lacey is gorgeous inside and out always, but on this day she just glowed. We are so happy for her, and Travis is really neat. From the Hiller Reunion, Travis held our little Jack for awhile, who just adored him. He faced her family during the ceremony, and it was awesome that you could see the love pouring from his face for her as they were sealed. We are excited that he has joined the family! Congrats you two!

The whole Tanner crew getting ready for a picture

The oldest sibling Angela and Jeff who live in South Dakota.

Kristie, Tom, and Lilah

A shot by the temple

Nathan and his mommy
It was great to have her come stay with us for this neat occasion

We are still pretty happy too :)

After the sealing we went to the luncheon with lots of other family members. Then we hurried home to the chillin's who were at our sitter's house. James and Daddy went to a father/son's campout that night. Mom Manwaring helped them get food ready (she is the expert at that), and I helped get them packed.
Then after they left she, Jackman, and I headed to Bountiful for the reception.
I wish I had gotten pictures, but I was holding Jack-Jack the whole night.
I love talking with Kristie and Angela, they are pretty neat girls, and I'm pretty blessed to be in the family too.
Nathan and James ended up setting up a tent in the backyard, and they slept very soundly.
Cute little guys.
Happy weddings!