Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Conference Weekend

General Conference is a special time of year every six months where we can get the opportunity to listen to the general authorities and the prophet speak to us.  It is also usually around this time that former missions have reunions and old friends reconnect.  Nathan, Tyler, and Greg all got together in Salt Lake this year for dinner and caught up like the old buddies that they are.  There weren't many in their Chinese speaking district in the Melbourne West mission, only 6 missionaries at a time, so they got to know each other pretty well. While they were together I texted Nathan and reminded him to please take a picture together!

Tyler, Nathan, and Greg

  That same night James took me out for a fun date to Dartside where we played with nerf guns on teams, for an hour, with black lights!  What was awesome was he has been saving his money to be able to go!  So when he had earned enough this same week I got a babysitter for Jack and Jonathan (you have to be 5 to be able to go), and this is what this awesome kid wanted to do with his money!  What a sweetie.  I loved that activity!
James and Mommy

Conference is broadcast on TV in Utah (or if you get cable which we did not growing up so I did not know that), on the radio, and is broadcast to our church buildings.  Growing up we would go to Sunday morning session and sit for the 2 hours to listen.  I didn't know about the Saturday sessions until I went to college.  Well, it is important for us to listen to all the sessions.  Saturday morning I stayed with the boys at home and streamed in on the internet.  Nathan listened as he rode his bike with two of his team mates up to Causey Reservoir Saturday morning conference.

In between the sessions Nathan took the boys who weren't napping to a little gully by our house to explore.  It was so cool that we had to go back again the next day.

Sunday morning we listened, and in between we went again to that gully, and Jack found a perfect little skull!  It has turned out to be that of a muskrat.  We have given it a three day hydrogen peroxide bath, and I glued together the bottom mandible(jaw), and it is awesome!

We called Grandma and Papa after the second session, and asked if we could come over to make smore's with them.  Their home is for sale, and we won't be able to take advantage of their great backyard once they sell it, so we are trying to get there as much as we can to enjoy it. 
James and one of his marshmallows that the middle just fell out of 

Family by the fire

Then there was an intense game of foosball of grandkids vs. grandparents.  The grandkids are getting better so the grandparents will have to start practicing!