Friday, January 31, 2014

An Adventure a Week

My goal during January was to do a neat adventure each week before the baby comes in February, for not just the boys but me as well. I love doing things with my boys. I have wanted a baby, and am so excited to be getting another boy, but I know that life is going to change dramatically when the baby comes, so we are trying to hold onto our old routine for just a little longer :)

First adventure was going to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden
It is a children's museum, and there are so many things to discover there.
 We drove a firetruck, learned how to milk a cow, 
and tried to pull out King Arthur's sword (Jack was sad that he couldn't!)

Boats to climb on, lego planes to build...
 ...trains to play with and even horses to ride in the wild west.

The next adventure was to the Thanksgiving Point Dino Museum
 We went on a Tuesday, and we have Oaklee with us on those days, 
so I loaded all three after preschool and off we went.
There was an archelon, an area to play with dinosaurs in water, 
even a megaladon.
 The giant T-Rex skeletons were of course a hit too!
Well...with my boys, Oaklee was a bit scared.

Another week I had been having contractions,
so we decided to just go watch a matanee movie, but when
we got there the theater was closed and I didn't realize it!
A quick rental made things better, and I still got to sit through it :)

That Friday though Oaklee's mom Erika took James up on the biglift for the first time.  He did great! I waited in the lodge with Jack and got hot chocolate with Jack with an iPad movie just in case James had to come off the mountain, or Oaklee, or something.
 Other friends from the neighborhood were there too!
Look at him go, he's doing it all by himself, coming down to get back on the lift, and he's not needing help getting there.  Way to go little buddy. He apparently took off fast once and was going down the wrong way, and so Erika had to catch him to stop him, but Oaklee followed them both, so everyone had to take off their skis, climb back up to where the green hill starts, and go again.

Our last week I was also having contractions, and Daddy had left for Ohio for three days and two nights for work, so we definitely stayed around home (our big adventure was getting to pick a treat out at the neighborhood Wal-Mart).  It also stormed a lot while he was gone, and the snow was perfect to make snowmen.  Here's each of us as a snowman with an asparagus nose, almond eyes, and almond mouths.  James had already taken his snow gear off when I grabbed the camera, and Jack didn't want to look at me, he wanted to go inside too.  Mean mom I am for wanting to take a picture. Good thing though because the deer came by and ate off the faces last night! 

Daddy came home tonight, the snowmen melted some today so we'll make them again tomorrow, and baby decided to not come early!  Overall a good month :)