Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Foto 2013

 Here's the family picture from this year.
I was roasting during this and didn't know why (soon to find out),
 and keeping all the kids happy...,
anyway, it was a job.
Unfortunately we were missing Robert and Kortney 
and their kids.  It would have been so fun
to see all the cousins together, sometime soon
we hope! 

So after this picture was taken, and we got the kids to
bed, I had some pre-term labor contractions start that
Nathan took me to the hospital for.
I didn't want to seem crazy, but they were legit as
we saw after being hooked up and monitored, and they 
were not stopping, but getting stronger and more frequent.
It was very, very scary.
The Braxton-Hicks started, but then became
right on top of each other, and then painful.
They were able to stop the labor with 
terabutaline shots (which hurt like a $%&@!)
and lots of fluid (which made me freezing so
I got about 10 warm blankets on, but then when I was better
I was so hot I wanted to rip off everything and go walk outside
in the freezing weather).
This happened the night of the 30-31st,
which means one day off for our insurance for
the deductible :(
That is okay because labor was stopped, and I 
was only 31 weeks, and I don't mind if he comes
early, but that was TOO early! 

They think it started because of a combo of:
a) an infection that I still had 
b) maybe driving the snowmobile that day
c) stress, which I can normally handle and it's
not stress, but any little bit seems to set off a 

My doctor was at the hospital for another delivery, 
so he released me earlier than if
he hadn't been there (4am), that was nice, and I got an
antibiotic to get rid of the infection for good.

Now when I look at that family foto I
think of what happened just a short time later :)
What a story for baby.


Hillary said...

So glad you and baby where ok. Yay, for modern medicine. Even if it hurt like crazy. Mama's are tough!