Thursday, January 23, 2014

After Christmas

We were blessed that most of the family was able to stay for
a while even after Christmas. Here were some
 The cousins put on a skit that was written by Elisa

 Loves to Grandma

 Each day a couple took a meal to enter into the 
"Manwaring Cooking Contest"
Here Jason and Nicole are preparing their dish of
stuffed lamb

 Jack with a favorite food: a roll

 Playing air hockey


 James liking his dragon shaped pancake for breakfast
by Karissa and Cory!

Sledding in the backyard

We got to visit Grandma Hiller:
 Grandma LoVeS babies!

MGM talent show!
 Harmonica and accordian duet:)

 "What Does the Fox Say"
lip-singing and dancing!
Cutie Petutie Jack
This was through the 29th,
more to come as we then ALL took a 
trip to one of our favorite places: the FARM!