Saturday, January 18, 2014

Leading up to Christmas

Many things happened during the holidays, so it is a good
thing I have pictures to chronicle the events or I don't
think I would remember.
To start off, Kathy and Alan moved into their new home on Thursday
(before Christmas), or at least started to, but there was a big storm, where the news even said to stay home if you could.  The moving peiople they had hired couldn't get the moving van into the storage facility because of all the snow, and said they would try again tomorrow. 
So the trusty van became the moving vehicle of choice that day and they loaded it many times and took it down to their new home (it takes about 25 minutes to get there).  
The best way I could help was to keep the kids occupied and out
of the
 At Grandma and Papa's 
house we decorated a "real" tree on Christmas Eve.  
I remember Karissa, Jenn, and Papa (there might have been others,
but my memory decieves me) went to get a tree at a lot the night before.
When they came home they brought in this tiny 3' "Charlie Brown"-ish
tree. They said it was the only one they could find, even after I said multiple times "you're joking". Kathy was so gracious, and said it will smell great.
I must admit I thought "oh heck no, the 9' pre-lit tree is in my living room
right now, fully decorated, we are having Christmas morning there!"
At least twenty minutes into it, Papa brought in the "real tree" which
was a great tree.  The kids had a great time decorating it the next morning,
and I believe there were at least 8 strands of lights on it.

 Finn looking as the older ones did the ornaments
He is a cutie! I love babies that age!

 After decorating the tree Rich and Rachelle and the kids
headed up to our house to try out a sledding hill.
We got all dressed at our house, then headed out

 Lydia tackling the hill 

 Daddy and the boys back up again for more

 Richard, Finn, and Jack hanging out in the snow

 Kayla, Rachelle, and Lydia

 Smiling girl in the snow 

And of course they love Lady, and she loves all the attention.