Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wrapping Up December

A few pictures from before Christmas:
At Thanksgiving Point when we took the Santa pictures, there was a reindeer, and the kids liked it, wanted to pet it, but had to be content that it just wanted to sit there.

It was so cold that night, during the very cold snap here in Utah,
so we were in and out quickly while we waited for our pictures
to become ready from the Santa shoot.

 With the ice sculptures outside at Thanksgiving Point

We went sledding a few times to find the best
hill to bring our cousins back to

Sometimes he just wanted to scoot down on his bum

Jack ready to go, and he wants to by himself :)

These cute winter-lovin' brothers

Heading to the hill in the back of the car

We got to see Aunt Kirstin before she left for Colorado

We decorated the house, and the boys enjoyed a piece of bread by the heater,
it got really, really cold here for a snap (-14 some nights!)

Now that's a tree!

And finally, at his Pre-School Christmas Party
A few days later Grandma and Papa moved into their new home,
 James and Jack in the new play area under the stairs.
Moving was stressful as they were supposed to move in on a Thursday,
which happened to be the day a big storm with ice and snow came in the night
before and that day, so they started that day, moved in on Friday, and then 
Karissa and Cory and Jennifer and Bryan came on Saturday!

That wraps up December besides of course the Christmas 
festivities I'll highlight next!