Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Eve Night

Christmas Eve night was filled with some great activities to
build memories together.
 First we had a very yummy dinner

 We need two tables now for everyone to fit!

He's excited he gets to sit with his cousins :)

Then we facetimed with Grammies, Boompa, and Kirstin
and Boompa read "T'was the Night Before Christmas".
It's the same book that he had when he was a little boy,
and we haven't missed a year since I was born!

Putting our fingers to the side of our nose
just like Santa did in the story

Then we started getting into costumes for acting out the Nativity:
Jack was the cutest little shepherd

James played Joseph
Here they are pictured by Grandma's lambs

Baby Emily as the Baby Jesus, Elisa as Mary, 
James as Joseph

Jack and Daddy were the shepherds in the field
that were scared when the angel came to tell them
of the birth of Jesus
 Then they fell down to pray :)

They came to see the Baby Jesus in the stable
Finally the wisemen came in baring gifts:)
(I'm sure they had presents wrapped in shiny paper!)
It was fun way to remember the Nativity story as Papa narrated 

Finally we ended the night by singing a little around the piano :)
Those goofy Manwarings!

All ready for bed!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

And see, Santa did come :)