Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sledding Up at Grandpa's!

After Christmas we the Manwaring's went up to the farm
to visit Grandma and Grandpa, and enjoy
some sledding down his famous hill.
Having a snowmobile take you back up makes
sledding a whole new experience!
 Most of us were able to spend the night, but Nathan
went with Jason and Nicole back home because
he had to work in the morning :(
I stayed with the boys, and they were so very good
for me!

And sledding was a success!
I didn't take a sled down, but I drove one of
the snowmobiles up and down the hill
to retrieve the sledders
Jack going down with Grandma
He wanted to go again, and again, and again!

James learned how to go down head first, 
and he used his feet to drag if he went too
fast for him.  He was great.

 Our kids love the snow,
I think it's all about dressing right; boots 
are essential as well as good gloves.
Then their toes and fingers stay warm, and they
want to stay out all day :)

Richard and Lydia on Grandpa's

Lydia also loved sledding

Two Californian's getting their fill of the white stuff