Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Post about January!

Finally a post about January, in January!  The weekend after everyone went home, we wondered what to do, and came up with going to see buffalo at Antelope Island.  We've never been there before, so thought was a fun time to check it out.  With a picnic lunch in tow, we headed out to find the buffalo.
Now, mind you, it was really, really cold. I hadn't planned on really getting out of the car because we were just going to look at the buffalo from the car.  No hats, at least a coat (but not heavy ones for Nathan or I), no gloves, no scarf (I love them).  Anyway, we drive through, and there isn't much to see, so we decide to stop at the Garr Ranch there, sort of an interactive museum.  But it is cold!  And it is slightly windy, so it makes it colder.  There was a barn there we quickly too refuge in, even it to get out of the wind chill.

 Walking quickly to a big barn that looked like it could 
provide some shelter from the cold

 Everything inside you could touch!
James chose this antler to hold

 Jack wanted to "ride-em cowboy!"

 Cute family together

On our way leaving we finally saw a buffalo close up,
the rest had been really far away, 
this picture is what I had envisioned for the day :)