Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Very Successful Provo Trip!

A couple of weeks ago we got to take our cousin Lilah out to play 
and give Kristie a much needed break when we
headed down to Provo:
All loaded up

We headed out to see the Bean Museum at BYU, 
but when we got there we discovered it was closed!
A few tears were shed (seriously), but Mommy came up
with going to the BYU dinosaur museum instead.
That worked out as the pictures can attest:

 All together on the camera phone :)

 Before going back we ended the day with ice cream,
and there were happy faces all around.
They were so good, we'll take Lilah anytime!

After dropping off Lilah back at home we met Kirstin
to get some dinner at the Riverwoods in Provo.
The boys saw the lights, and they wanted to walk around
them.  It was FREEZING at this time,
in the single digits, but we still did it.
The boys also asked for shrimp(?) for dinner,
so we got theirs from Tucano's, shrimp on a skewer
to-go, then over to Kneader's for Kirstin and I's dinner.

 A tree made out of these light balls

Look who was at Kneaders in the Riverwoods?

A Santa's helper, and both kids ate so well so they could
go and say hi, and ask for what they would like for Christmas
(a v-tech helicopter that turns into a velociraptor,
yep, a combined dino and flying vehicle for their
playing pleasure). Neither was scared of the big guy himself,
and they were great to take a picture as well.

Also at Kneaders was my old Bishop Jeffs from
my freshman year at BYU!  He was a wonderful
Bishop, and a friend too.  I had lost touch with them
about three years ago, and actually thought about him
and his wife on the way to the Riverwoods, and then there
they were eating as well!

Jack put on this hat in the car, then kept saying
"look, I'm Santa"

Giving hugs :)
Overall, a very successful trip to Provo!